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Crane Brake Motor

Brake Motors are used for various applications where instantaneous stopping of the driven load is required. The operation of the brake is Fail Safe Type i.e. normally ON. When the electrical power to the motor is cutoff or the power fails, the brake is applied.

Brake motor is a combination of an A.C. induction motor and an electromagnetic AC or DC brake. The electromagnetic brake is mounted on the nondriving end of the motor.

DC brake motors are provided with a rectifier which provides the required DC voltage to the brake coil which in turn operates the brake. The supply to the rectifier is fed from any two terminals (between any two phases) in the main terminal box of the motor.


Number Of Poles 4
Suitable For Crane
Electromagnetic Brake Voltage Or Frequency Or Current Or Input 190VDC
Duty S4
Frame 112
Material Cast Iron
I Deal In New Only
Country of Origin Made in India